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Visitor Information

Three Springs is 313km north of Perth on the Midlands Road.

For holidaymakers, visiting the coastal tourist resorts Three Springs is an ideal days outing from your home base, as we are only 108km from Dongara and 172km from Geraldton.

There are many other tourist attractions in the area surrounding Three Springs and you can be assured that your day will be a most enjoyable one.


Housing and Land




Three Springs has the health facilities to cater for the needs of residents and visitors both young and old with the provision of a doctor, dentist and child and community heath nurse being supported by a high standard of medical infrastructure.

Three Springs Medical Centre:  Tel: (08) 9954 1013

Three Springs Dental Clinic:  Tel:  (08) 9954 1045

North Midlands Health Service (Hospital):  Tel:  (08) 9954 3200



Three Springs is a small country town in the mid west of Western Australia, with a unique mix of grain and grazing, mining and government industries within the Shire. With the abundance of gorgeous wildflowers in season, close proximity to the beautiful central coastline, and its idyllic bush setting, Three Springs is enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike.

Offering all the services and amenities that people have come to expect in recent years with high standard medical, educational...